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95 cals + 5 carbs per serving

It’s all about balance. Weighing in at 95 cals & 5 carbs per can, the Shred Kolsch drinks like a champ. We’ve added cayenne and honey so you can enjoy full flavor and aromas while you keep it light.

  • CALORIES 95 / 12 FL OZ
  • CARBS 5 G / 12 FL OZ
  • PROTIEN 0.85 G / 12 FL OZ
  • FAT 0.0G / 12 FL OZ
  • ABV 3.5%
Disclaimer: Average analysis per 12oz.
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Special Ingredients


Organically Sourced

Honey gives our Shred a classic floral nose while balancing the cayenne kick for an even mouthfeel.

Fresh honey in wooden honey bowl on wooden table, top view.