Inspired by those who go the extra mile, this stout is as sessionable AF and ready to roll.

At last, our silky stout and cold brew coffee lovechild has arrived! Introducing our brand spanking new Head Start stout with added coconut water and Equator Coffee. We’ve even added a touch of coconut milk for an aromatic moment to set the tone.

We’ve been listening to your requests and I’m so stoked to deliver the goods. And stoke this beer does. Inspired by my coffee and coconut oil (MCTs baby!) morning ritual, the Sufferfest Head Start evokes excitement and an energetic passion for whatever may be on your horizon.

Do you need a big, hairy goal to enjoy this beer? Heck no. Light – 135 calories only – creamy, effervescent, and at 4.5% ABV, this sessionable stout satiates on all levels and still keeps it light and so drinkable. This stout is impeccably versatile as we move from the summer heat to the crispness of the fall. I love the Head Start in its birthday suit, or dressed up with a touch of shaved ice, a splash of Kahlua, and a dusting of nutmeg on a cool evening. (Seriously – try it!)

More than its yumminess and drinkability, I’m especially honored and thrilled to have worked with Equator Coffee to source the perfect roast for this superior stout. Bringing our low calorie and high standards mission to the brewhouse, Equator is proudly female founded and a fellow B Corp, delivering sustainably-sourced coffee beans to our Head Start. I knew they were the perfect partner for Sufferfest — this beer stands for so much more than what’s inside — and I’m very proud to share it with friends, family, and fellow sweaty peeps around the country!

The Head Start is available to try in our very first purpose-brewed variety pack, hitting stores now. Our pack includes two 12oz cans each of Repeat Kolsch (95 calories, 5 carbs and bee pollen), FKT Pale Ale (with salt and black currant), and our statement stout. Visit our Find Us page to see the closest Sufferfest retailer to you. And if you don’t see it at your favorite place to shop or grab a beer, ask a staff member or buyer. These requests go a long way and help us get Sufferfest closer to you!