Sufferfester Bailey Garbarino likes to make her teammates sweat and suffer.

Written by Bailey Garbarino

Hi there! I’m Bailey, and I like to lift heavy things. Okay, not a secret confession at all, but would I even be a CrossFitter if I didn’t tell you first thing?

On the professional side, I manage sales in the East Bay Area for Sufferfest. Two of my biggest passions are working out and enjoying good craft beer; hence why Sufferfest is a dream job for me! It’s awesome working for a company that supports and encourages your active lifestyle (and makes delicious, functional beer to help celebrate those sweaty moments).

Working (read: drinking) at a work event with REI

I got into CrossFit just over three years ago when I moved to the Bay Area after graduating from college. I played soccer and other sports growing up and had a trainer for a couple years during college (shout out to Alison for kicking my butt!).

I had an instant love for CrossFit. It’s challenging, it’s tough, it’s rewarding. I know that every day I get to walk into the gym with like-minded people there to better themselves, leave whatever the day brought at the door, and go pick up a barbell and sweat it out. There are still times when a workout is so brutal and I feel like I’m dying that I have arguments with myself in my head where I think maybe I can just slip out the door and go home in the middle of a workout and no one will notice, or make up some excuse that I have to leave, but I’m there to get stronger and I have to tell myself to pull it together and do it! As my coaches would say, “Do you want to get strong, or do you want to go home?” Obviously, you know the answer to that.

Recently, I decided to take my passion for fitness to the next level by enrolling to become a Certified Personal Trainer. At the end of March, (wish me luck) I’ll test and become officially certified! In the meantime, a few of my brave coworkers have volunteered to be my guinea pigs (but like, really fit guinea pigs) to help me test out some workouts. Every week, I send 3-4 workouts for the week with some guidelines and some meal prep ideas. I try to make the workouts adaptable to any gym and any movement can be modified to fit any workout level.

Here’s what a sample week of Coach Bailey’s Workout looks like (please consult your doctor before jumping into any new physical activity!):

First thing’s first: Before doing any kind of workout, you need to warm up and mobilize! For about 15-20 minutes, combine a bit of running or elliptical work to get your heart rate up and body warm and stretch with either with a resistance band or with just your body. A foam roller will become your best friend or worst enemy (but you need it either way!) Proper mobilizing, opening up the hips and body parts you will be using will help prevent injury, work through soreness, and help you be less stiff and more flexible. #swoleandflexy

Okay! Then the real fun begins… the WOD (workout of the day)

This first set of workouts is what I suggested starting the first week with if maybe it’s been a while since you’ve been to the gym. This is just a good, all-around body workout to wake those muscles up!

DAY 1,2,3 (MWF)

8,10,12 reps of each movement (start with a heavier weight for 1st set, then decrease weight as you increase reps). Use weights that feel comfortable to start. You’ll get a gage of where you’re at and know how to build weight for yourself. It’d be a great idea for you guys to keep notes of your weights (I do in my phone) so you can track yourself and watch yourself hit some PR’s and goals!

Dumbbell bench press

Lat pulldown

Overhead dumbbell press

Leg press or back squat

Leg curl or deadlift

Rope/cable pressdown

Barbell bicep curl

Standing calf raise (stand on edge of box or platform)

15 Crunches (lay on ground, butterfly legs, touch ground behind you when laying flat, touch toes when sitting up)

After the first week, things get a little more CrossFitty…


10 sets for time

15/12 cal (calories) on the rower

10 burpees

Rest 1-2 minutes

*Anytime there is a number like 15/12, the first bigger number is for the guys, the second smaller number for the ladies. Ex: Rob does 15 cal and Megan does 12 cal


2 sets not for time

Single arm dumbbell row x 8 reps each arm

Kettlebell or dumbbell carry- 100 ft. Front rack position. Keep the kettlebell or dumbbell tight to your chest. Keep your chest up and core tight, shoulders back. Don’t round your back or lean forward, it’ll be harder and hurt your back. This should be a heavy weight

Farmer carry- 100 ft. Holding heavy kettlebells or dumbbells in each hand


One time through:

100 jump rope, or 2 minutes on treadmill

40 Russian Kettlebell Swings (Russian is only swinging to eye level, not overhead like American)

10 push ups

10 air squats

4 minutes on treadmill

10 air squats

10 push ups

40 Russian KB swings

100 jump rope, or 2 minutes on treadmill


Every minute, on the minute, for 12 minutes:

Minute 1: Side Plank (Left) x 40 seconds

Minute 2: Side Plank (Right) x 40 seconds

Minute 3: Reverse Snow Angels x 15 reps. These guys are fire. Lay on your stomach, feet can stay on the ground. Lift your chest and make snow angles with your arms. It’s important to not look up, look at the ground and keep your neck in a neutral position. Keep your arms off the ground and ideally touch your fingers out in front of your head. You’re going to feel this mainly in your lower back muscles.

Minute 4: Hollow Hold x 30 seconds. Lay on your back and keep your feet, arms, and shoulders off the ground. This is an ab burner! You can choose to do hollow rocks, same position but your body rocks like a rocking chair, keeping legs, arms, and shoulders off the ground.


Complete as many reps as possible in 15 minutes of:

400 meter run (about 1 min 30 sec – 2 min)

20 kettlebell swings

10 seated dumbbell press (sit on floor, legs straight out in front of you- no sitting on a chair. Keep your core tight and press a moderate weight)

Rest 5 minutes

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

500 meter row

10 push-ups

20 wall ball shots- squat with medicine ball and then stand and toss to about 10 ft up on the wall. catch and repeat. if this isn’t doable in the gym, just do the squat and extension and push the ball above your head, without throwing it


5 sets of

Deadlift x 5 reps

Rest as needed


3 Rounds

2 minutes on treadmill

20 sit-ups

40 dumbbell lunges

And there you have it! Go get sweaty, pump out some blood, sweat, and tears and crack open that delicious liquid gold when you’re done. I promise it’ll be worth it.

Happy gains!


Bailey is Sufferfest’s East Bay Sales and Account Manager. When she’s not slinging beer, lifting heavy things, and trying to tame her wild puppy Kygo, she’s on the Instagramz here .