For us, the “sufferfest” isn’t just about the pain – it’s about the passion.

Sufferfest / noun: An activity whereby all participants ache, agonize, ail, deteriorate, endure and languish, but by co-misery, yet cohesiveness, will have experienced a grand time.

We get some raised eyebrows surrounding our name, and perhaps rightly so. The word “suffer” conjures up images of agony, of pain… not the sentiment typically associated with the casual ease of cracking open a can of beer. However, as athletes, we’ve grown fond of the “sufferfest” of a hard-fought race, that lung-burning uphill ride, or the extra 10 minutes in the gym.

However, for us, the “sufferfest” isn’t just about the pain – it’s about the passion. Suffering means putting skin in the game for things that are important to you — your fitness, your friends and family, your philanthropy. This month, we’re celebrating those who go the extra mile and #lovetosuffer for the things that they’re passionate about. Whether it’s putting down that extra set at the gym, crewing for your friend at their first ultra, or spending your Saturday volunteering for a cause you care about, you know what we mean by #lovetosuffer.

Suffering for what we love is how we show the world what we’re excited about — we wake up a little earlier, stay a little later, and go “all in” when it matters. We take pride in our grit and our enthusiasm, and we celebrate being just a little bit crazy about loving the “suck” of suffering in this way. But most importantly, we revel in the camaraderie that comes with chasing shared interests — and why the very deserved beer in those “after” moments always tastes just a little bit better.

That’s why we fly our Sufferfest banner proudly, and that’s why our beer bears the same name. Sufferfest Beer Company is a labor of love that’s meant to bring people together. The beer we brew reflects the values that we hold near and dear to our hearts. We love to suffer; we go the extra mile when it comes to things that are important to us. Whether it’s being active, being a good friend, or being a good steward of the environment, we were founded to support those who chase their passions with intensity.

We’re proud to practice what we preach. We’re athletes ourselves, and our Athlete Team allows us to support amazing people with our beer — from nationally-recognized superstars to local heroes, it feels right to structure a lot of how we operate around our ability to support people who are committed to their sport.

It’s also why we’re a proud B Corporation, which means we take the road less traveled in order to meet strict standards of sustainability, environmental and social friendliness, and employee benefits. Despite its operational and economic challenges for a young company, we believe that it’s worth that extra bit of suffering in order to achieve the elevated standard. We decided that we could make delicious beer that nourishes us while still giving back to the causes we love — we take pride in our involvement with important organizations like The Access Fund, Marin Agricultural Land Trust, and GGNRA.

We hope that next time you crack open a Sufferfest, you are reminded that you are taking part in a ritual of celebration, with the knowledge that suffering well makes the celebration that much sweeter.

Yours in Suffering,

Team Sufferfest