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​What is Functional Beer?

We make functional beer... so, what does that actually mean? Sufferfest CEO Caitlin Landesberg breaks it down.

​What is Functional Beer?

We’re Sufferfest Beer Company and we make award-winning functional beer.

...This statement is often followed by the question, “So what is functional beer?” Great question.

As we define it, functional beer is a beer that provides benefits beyond great flavor and profile. Allow me to elaborate: When I first learned the fundamentals of brewing it occurred to me, no wonder we crave a beer at the finish line! I started looking at beer, not through the lens of a brewer, but through the lens of an athlete focused on what she puts into her body.

Pushing the Envelope

Early on in my journey, I thought: If we demand so much from our food, why not our beer? I began researching the many properties of beer and ultimately started seeing my favorite post-run celebration as so much more. I dove into the food science behind beer and started brewing on my own, using the classic combo of water, hops, barley, yeast, and malt as a canvas from which I could let my imagination run wild.

Thus, Sufferfest Beer Company was born.

Our first three beers -- Flyby Pilsner, Taper IPA, and Shakeout Blonde -- were built on a foundation of award-winning flavor and taste (because we deserve it y’all!) all the while building a gluten-removed brand focused on a healthy lifestyle. As these goals came to fruition (we’re a proud Good Food Award recipient, Gold and Silver winner at New York International Beer Competition, Pilsner Brewery of the Year, etc.) we knew it was time to start pushing functionality ON TOP of satiating flavor and body. Our newest “super beers” showcase our vision around the role beer can play in a healthy and active lifestyle that push the potential of beer to the next level.

Which Beer Are You?

We’ve developed all of our beers to address the multiple tenants of a healthy and active lifestyle. As a well-rounded person, you might have training days, exertion days and the all-important rest and relax days (#restdaybrags). Our beers are designed and brewed purposefully to fit those social (Flyby Pilsner) and exploratory (Shakeout Blonde) moments, all the way to your rest (Taper IPA) and post-effort ( FKT Pale Ale) occasions. And our latest Repeat Kolsch, weighing in a 95 cals, 5 carbs and brewed with bee pollen, is our compliment to achieving that everyday work-life balance zen. Learn more about all of our beers here!

So the question is, which beer are you? Or rather, which beer fits what you’re focused on today or this weekend? Sufferfest Beer Company exists to support and celebrate achievement. You don’t need to podium to be in this tribe, we just ask you give it your all and we’ll do our part by showing up and helping you wash down the joy and the pain.

Give ‘em hell,


PS: We're sold all over California and Colorado. Find as at a grocery store, bottle shop, or restaurant near you!

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