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The Summit Blonde!

Spring is here and so is our latest flavor of beer! Introducing the Summit!

The Summit Blonde!

This blonde bombshell has been a long time coming and I’m so excited it’s finally here! We are thrilled to report that our new Spring treat will appear on shelves and menus starting April 19th.

Aptly named, the Summit has the flavor profile I crave at the end of a big climb...and of course, it matches my golden locks too!

As we get into these warmer months, I wanted just the right celebratory thirst quencher waiting for me back at the parking lot. With a tropical aroma, plus ripe mango and lemon notes, this beer is light and crisp, yet packed full of flavor and goes down super smooth, if I do say so myself. :) I’m super proud of our Pilsner and IPA, but the Summit’s drinkability is extra special. It’s a beer even my mom loves to drink. At 5.7% ABV and 50.5 IBUs, the Summit is an excellent addition to the team.

More symbolically, the Summit encourages reaching the top.

Photo courtesy of Elan Lieber, Mt. Tam Summit at Sunrise

This message is especially relevant to me given that I just became a mom seven weeks ago to a girl, Frances. As I kick off my training once again, the Summit gives me just that much more motivation to get out there, embrace my new life and fitness schedule, and push myself to hit new goals. I may not be as fast or as agile for a while (or ever again), but I’ll put in the time and sweat to get to the top. (And of course, earn my Summit.)

Photo courtesy of Jenny Maier, Mount Ralston Summit

Thanks to the Sufferfest Team and those of you who provided early feedback on the Summit. I tweaked this recipe a small handful of times to adjust the bitterness and get just the right balance of citrus, finish and color.

Photo courtesy of Jenny Maier, Dylan Bowman's 100th Mt. Tam Summit

I’d like to give a big shout-out and thank you to UC Davis School of Brewing, in particular, Joe Williams, for his mentorship and expertise while perfecting the Summit. The courses I’ve taken at UC Davis over the years, and the mentorship I’ve received by some of the greats in the industry, has been nothing short of enlightening and has sparked a lifelong passion and appreciation for this craft. The UC Davis pilot brewhouse has served as a learning ground and test bed for me and I am very grateful to be part of this extended academic family.

I cannot wait to sweat for my beer this Spring and share the Summit with everyone. Be sure to pick up a can or a 4-pack at your local grocery or Whole Foods Market -- (if you don’t see the Summit, please ask the beer buyer or beverage director for it!) Tell us what you think by sending your feedback to [email protected]. I read every email and we appreciate hearing from you!



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