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Pursuit Series Recap — Beers in the mountains.

We're just now hosing off our dusty Chacos after a wild + beautiful weekend spent with amazing people at Pursuit Series in Bear Valley, CA.

Pursuit Series Recap — Beers in the mountains.

At Sufferfest Beer Company, we tend to believe that the best beer is that which is enjoyed after a sweaty activity: trail running, rock climbing, yoga, and a particularly challenging game of Connect Four in the sunshine happen to be a few of our favorite ways to sweat for our beer. When we heard that Pursuit Series had all of that and more, we were like... we'll bring the beer.

So, we loaded up the Suffervan with 2400lbs of ice cold beer and headed to the Sierras. We expected to have a blast at "adult summer camp", but it was so much more: from in-depth classes on compass navigation and water filtration to making s'mores out of stroop waffels and dancing our faces off every night, it was truly an unforgettable experience.

As the official beer sponsor of the weekend, we had the privilege of educating a large teepee of people on the Sufferfest origin story, why each of our beers is special, and what it means to brew functional beer (#beerwithbenefits). The goal was for everyone to walk away from our class with at least a few soundbites as to the health benefits of beer, and maybe a healthy buzz on top of that. Mission: Accomplished.

Relive the weekend with us; check out these beautiful images (courtesy of the badasses at The Outbound Collective). Also, check out our IGTV for the video!

Cheers (and see you out there),

Margaret @ Sufferfest

PS: We put together a video of our experience on IGTV (all shot with the humble iphones of Team Sufferfest)— check it out!

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