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​Black Currant: The Underdog of Berries

We created a superbeer that gets nutritional richness from black currant. But why this little berry? A few big reasons.

​Black Currant: The Underdog of Berries

Supplements! Do you take them, or are they a money pit that’s just not worth it? Medical professionals land all over the spectrum depending on who you ask - but one thing is agreed upon by all: consuming whole foods that contain all of our necessary vitamins and minerals is essential in maintaining our health — especially if you're an athlete.

Black currant, the standout ingredient of our new FKT Pale Ale, has only recently been touted for its effects as an athlete-friendly superfood. However, you probably still don't know much about this powerful lil' berry, so we’ve decided to give it a moment to shine. Here’s why we see black currant as a valuable addition to everyone’s diet (bonus points if it's in your beer).

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is super versatile in the ways it helps us (even if it’s not the cold-busting solution we once thought it was). Black currants carry four times the vitamin C of oranges per serving and are ten times easier to consume. Between protecting against autoimmune diseases, to improving cardiovascular, prenatal, and skin health, it’s definitely worth making sure your diet is rich in the super-hyped vitamin. Ascorbic acid, vitamin C’s pseudonym, is also vital for the growth, development, and repair of body tissues, which assists with recovery! And, for any pirates out there, vitamin C has been known to cure scurvy. Ahoy, sailors.


Most runners cherish their bananas like a mama bear protects its cub - we don’t mess around when it comes to potassium. The mineral works with sodium to keep fluids and electrolytes balanced, which prevents mid-run muscle cramps and bloating. So, why are we making a black currant beer, rather than a banana beer? For one, banana beer sounds gross. Also, black currant has twice the amount of potassium than a banana does, so you get way more out of the little berries we’re putting in one can of beer. Take that, monkies.


Iron deficiency in runners isn’t terribly uncommon, which is why it’s important to consume foods that can restore and replenish those levels. Red blood cells carry oxygen to working muscles. Because iron generates red blood cells, an iron deficiency results in less oxygen getting to your muscles - which can hinder overall performance. ½ cup of black currants can provide over 20% of your daily recommended levels.


B-vitamins are naturally present in beer (a 12oz beer provides up to 12.5% of the daily recommended level of B6), but we figured we could kick it up a notch. 12.5 percent isn’t 100 percent, after all, and we’re definitely more of a 110 percent effort kinda company. Vitamin B12 is a common deficiency seen in athletes, which can result in a type of anemia that causes lethargy and weakness. You’d have to drink a lot of Sufferfest to reach that 100%, but do what you need to for your health. We’re not here to judge.

There are a million different fruits we considered for this beer, but black currant was the obvious choice in our eyes. From citrus to stone fruit to other berries, the signs were clear that black currant is the (sometimes underestimated) hero of recovery - and we hope you love it paired with hops and malt as much as we do!

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