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Announcing: NEW! Repeat Kolsch

A low cal, low carb, low alcohol beer... the Sufferfest way.

Announcing: NEW! Repeat Kolsch

We're proud to announce the latest and greatest Sufferfest beer: Repeat Kolsch!

Photo Cred: @jessicarhamel

REPEAT was born to address the needs of the person who wants a low-cal, low-carb option, but doesn’t want to sacrifice taste or nutrition. That's why we're proud to roll out this flavorful kolsch that weighs in at only 95 calories and 5 carbs per serving (also worth noting: only 3.5% ABV!).

Why is it that there are a TON of amazing craft options on the market, but so few "lite" beers that fall into that category? The Repeat is our answer to the lack of great-tasting low cal, low carb options on the market. We’re not about removing things from our beer, especially taste, which is why we pumped flavor, body, and mouthfeel into our Repeat Kolsch. For those of us who like to #earnit, we still want a beer that's delicious and thoughtfully brewed even when we're cutting back on cals and carbs.

Our beers address the many tenants of a healthy and active lifestyle, and Repeat is no exception: while you may want a rest day-worthy Taper IPA one day, we know you’re looking to shred with a low cal option another day. The Repeat has you in mind and we're incredibly proud to roll out our newest member of the Sufferfest Beer Co. family.

Family portrait! Photo Cred @clairejustine

In addition to great flavor, balance, and profile, we added bee pollen as a special ingredient. While you might've seen this superfood topping acai bowls and contained in snacks in the health food aisle, we've added it to our kolsch in order to impart a beautiful honeyed floral aroma (as well as a myriad of other fantastic qualities).

Photo Cred: @jessicarhamel

Repeat kolsch is all about balance; the challenge here was to create something light without subtracting the qualities that you've come to love from Sufferfest beer — flavor + nutrition. The Repeat is a beer that finally tastes as good as it makes you feel, and at 95 calories and 5 grams of carbs per serving, this beer compliments anything life throws at you. Check out the full nutritional panel here on our beer page here!

Cheers, Sufferfesters!

Photo Cred @michael.mcsherry

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