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Announcing: NEW! FKT Pale Ale

Brewed with black currant and iodized salt, our newest member of the Sufferfest family is ready to break records.

Announcing: NEW! FKT Pale Ale

Brew the beer you want to see in the world.

Sufferfest Beer Co. was founded with the mission to create great-tasting beer worthy of athletes, adventurers, and anyone who goes the extra mile. Within our first two years, we’ve created a lineup of three beers that do just that — our award-winning Pilsner, our IPA, and our Blonde Ale were all adopted by communities of active, passionate humans who wanted more from their beer.

These three beers made their way to the finish line of your races, to the top of mountains in your backpacks, into the back pockets of your riding kits, and into your chalked-up hands. We were blown away by the adoption in the athlete community: from New Years Resolutioners to the world-class Olympians, we have the distinct privilege of building a community made up of people who love to earn their beer.

As we grew into the functional beer brand that we aspired to be, it became clear to us that we wanted to brew something that pushed beer to its highest function. While beer itself has a ton of nutritional properties (check out our explanation here and Cat Bradley's ode to beer here), we began the process of introducing supplemental nutrition in order to make a recovery beer worthy of your sweatiest activities.

Through endless trial and error (hey, we did say we #lovetosuffer), we eventually came up with what we consider to be the perfect recovery beer: FKT.

Our Fastest Known Time (FKT) was born to break records and is inspired by that finish line moment. That moment where you’re spent, still ailing, doubled over or already on your way down to the ground. You lie on your back, look up at the sky, and revel in what you’ve just accomplished. Your thirst must be quenched, your muscles need to be revitalized and your immune system needs any help it can get... and yet, you still want that celebration beer. Black currant (a superfood which has 4x the amount of vitamin C per serving as an orange) was the perfect option to bring thirst quenching tang, sweet aromas, and cold fighting attributes to our pale ale. While there is no substitute for water, the 65mg of salt per serving in our FKT helps facilitate cell hydration and prevent cramping… all while giving you a delicious brew worthy of your post-sweat celebration.

To us, FKT is the celebration of all that is visionary and gritty within us: the extra reps, the late nights in the office, and the grind that makes us better. Brewed to meet the needs of the most ambitious among us, we invite you to nix those post-sweat sugary sports drink and have a beer that delivers more benefits. You’ll find FKT at the finish line of a race, being consumed by sweaty people. You’ll find FKT in the hands of CrossFit athletes post-workout, cans covered in chalk. You’ll find FKT in the fridge of anyone who wants to refuel after a good effort — swing shifts, non-work victories… however you earn your beer, you can feel good about cheers-ing with this premium craft pale ale that delivers more benefits.

We think FKTs — both the beer kind and the distance kind — pair well with PB&J

After iterations to successfully achieve balance, taste and our desired profile, a new kind of beer was born.

Today, we’re so thrilled to release FKT to you. Check out the full press release here .

With love (+electrolytes),

The Sufferfest Team

PS: Wanted to take the time to shout out Buzz Burrell and the FKT team. If you're unfamiliar with the FKT project, check it out here.

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