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Stout with Equator Coffee and Coconut Water Added

Ready, set, stout! Rich in flavor but light in calories, our Head Start Stout is surprisingly versatile.

  • CALORIES 135 / 12 FL OZ
  • CARBS 11g / 12 FL OZ
  • PROTEIN 0.9g / 12 FL OZ
  • FAT O G / 12 FL OZ

Special Ingredients

Equator Coffee Beans

Sustainably sourced coffee

We're proud to partner with fellow women-founded B Corp and Bay Area company, Equator Coffees. With an emphasis on fair trade, sustainably sourced beans, Equator has been brewing up some of the best coffee in the world since the mid-nineties. Fun fact: They were one of our first retailers when we launched in 2016!

Coconut Water

Bright and Refreshing

Coconut water complements the coffee stout with a mildly sweet taste without added sugars.

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